MIchael Regan | About Michael
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About Michael

Speaker, Catalyst, Guide

Over the past twenty years, Michael has shared a radical discovery of “God” as one’s deepest, luminous Self through a series of public talks & dialogues, experimental leadership work and annual wilderness adventures, with an emphasis on converting the light of one’s deepest nature into an actual, embodied reality – that is the Work.

As one who was drawn to the divine by instinct, Michael reminds us that “sacred artistry cannot lean on caustic critiques, even those addressing well-documented mischief in the religious and spiritual arenas; what matters is that the expression of one’s heart come to fruition in an authentic way and find its rightful place in the world.”

With a blend of feral sensitivity, relentless discernment and a keen appreciation for the absurd, Michael lives along the front range of the Rockies where he enjoys the mountains, explores a shamanic aspect of Pilates and leads programs for practitioners and guides who are exploring new edges in their own creative work.

Embodying one’s innermost nature is the work of a lifetime.