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Group Work

These gatherings are designed as a rich, collaborative art form that is rooted in the startling revelation of a radical divine potential and Identity in the deepest part of the soul, yet constantly invites us onto new creative and relational edges where the expression of one’s Heart must be lived and embodied in a unique, particular way.


In recent months, Michael moved from working with groups at the front of the room to an experimental form  in which, (1) he anchors the space in the vibration of love, and speaks and interacts when inspiration strikes, while (2) participants draw on and share their own devotion to bring through what is truly vital and new.


In an unexpected twist, a dream prompted Michael to return to New Mexico to find a property/incubator that is suitable for the next stage of his life and work, as intuited from communing with the Heart of all and listening to what is alive in the field – which makes the task more improbable to the mind, yet adventurous to take on.


From the outset, Michael’s quest to give birth to this radical potential clashed with norms that prevailed in the leadership and psycho-spiritual arenas, even among some remarkable guides who were present for the first spontaneous “talk” in 1998. Please note that no offense was/is intended, only fresh, transformative insight and love.


Please see the “consultations” page for information about private mentoring.

January 2018

Way of the Heart

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sunday – Saturday, January 7-13, 2018

Group inquiry & dialogue

Cost: $650-$950 (sliding scale)

Location: An oceanfront hotel in Pacifica,CA

Contact: Barbara at  thepaintingstudio@sbcglobal.net


March 2018

A Celebration of Barbara and Renewing our Vision

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Saturday – Monday, March 3-5, 2018 

Group inquiry & dialogue, 10:00am-5:30pm

Cost: $450-$600

Location: Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA

Contact: Lina,  lina.sharfe@gmail.com

April 2018
boulder 300x200

Way of the Heart – Spring Gathering

Boulder, CO

Monday – Friday, April 23-27, 2018

Group inquiry & dialogue, 10:00am-5:30pm

Cost: $750-$1050 (not including travel, meals, housing, etc.)

Location: A private home across from Chatauqua Park 

Contact: lina.sharfe@gmail.com

Housing/Transportation: davidsilvermd@gmail.com

August 2018

Sacred Mingling 

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Friday – Sunday, August 17-19, 2018

Friday afternoon, 3:00pm – 6:00pm*
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am – 5:30pm*

Cost: $350 in advance; $400 at the door ($230 on line)

Location: An oceanfront hotel in Pacifica, CA**

Contact: Devon, devonscharfe@gmail.com

August 2018
New Mex sky 300x200

Working with the Divine Self: A Dialogue on The Improbable Task Ahead of Us

Santa Fe, NM

November 3-4, 2018

Using a mix of silence, deep listening, storytelling, and inspired dialogue, this timely gathering will explore what improbable, creative impulse may be calling from beyond our fixed routines and the relentless daily news feed, so that we can re-vitalize our vision and respond to whatever may be trying to come into being next.

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am – 5:30pm, $100-$150/day*

Location: A serene ranch/compound on the outskirts of Santa Fe.

Contact: events@michaelregan.org

*  Single day attendance is allowed on Saturday. Partial scholarships or work trades are available. Lodging is $45/night for private rooms with a shared bath, or $75 for private rooms with a private bath. More information on the program, transportation and meals will be posted to the website soon. 

August 2018
New Mex sky 300x200

7 Day New Year’s Gathering

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sunday – Sunday, January 6-13, 2019

This format invites us to drop out of the mind stream into a reverential silence as a premise for deep listening, honest inquiry and receiving what is waiting to be born – along with time for painting, writing, music, movement, nature walks and other gifts that participants feel inspired to share with us. 

Cost: $1280-$1580 ($50 discount for registration by October 1st)*

Location: A picturesque ranch/compound  outside of Santa Fe, NM

Contact: Devon at devonscharfe@gmail.com

* Cost for room with shared bath for 7 nights, meals, space rental and program fee. A non-refundable deposit of $250 will secure your space and housing preference. 

Life is an ordeal that is waiting to happen, so why not have one in the name of love?
Life is an ordeal that is waiting to happen, so why not have one in the name of love?
Life is an ordeal that is waiting to happen, so why not have one in the name of love?