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Group Work

Michael’s work is not a teaching forum, but an incubator/improvisational art form – one that gave birth to the revelation of an intrinsic, divine reality yet constantly invites us onto new creative and relational edges where unpredictable, life-changing conversations take place about cultivating and expressing our gifts in the world of form.


The spirit of generative dialogue invites us to trade our personal agendas for a desire to serve the whole – and to suspend pre-existing discoveries for solutions that we have not imagined yet. Most gatherings start with a short talk about a recent revelation interspersed with silence, deep listening, sensual, experiential inquiry and dream work.


From the outset, this unconventional, Celtic approach to the awakening of a divine potential was disruptive to many norms that governed the leadership and psycho-spiritual arenas, even among more seasoned facilitators and guides who were present. Please note that no offense was/is intended, only fresh, more liberating insight and love.

January 2018

Way of the Heart

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sunday – Saturday, January 7-13, 2018

Group inquiry & dialogue

Cost: $650-$950 (sliding scale)

Location: An oceanfront hotel in Pacifica,CA

Contact: Barbara at  thepaintingstudio@sbcglobal.net


March 2018

Deep Listening – A Celebration of Barbara and Renewing our Vision

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Saturday – Monday, March 3-5, 2017 

Group inquiry & dialogue, 10:00am-5:30pm

Cost: $450-$600

Location: Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA

Contact: Lina,  lina.sharfe@gmail.com

* Single-day attendance is possible on Saturday.  Beyond that we do not know.  The cost is $150-$175.  Doors open at 9:30am.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in.

** Participants can enjoy eateries around Rockaway Beach as well as walking paths and trails along the coast. 

***Those who want to stay on-site can make reservations with the Best Western Lighthouse Hotel, across the street at the Pacifica Motor Inn or through various non-traditional venues. 

Sponsored by the Center for Creative Exploration, 300 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA. 

Life is an ordeal that is waiting to happen, so why not have one in the name of love?