MIchael Regan | About Michael
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About Michael

Speaker, Catalyst, Guide

Over the past twenty years, Michael has articulated the startling discovery of an innate divine potential and Identity through a series of public talks & dialogues, experimental leadership work and wilderness adventures, with an emphasis on converting the light of one’s deepest Self into an actual, embodied reality – that is the Work.

As a fiercely independent voice, Michael reminds us that “sacred artistry cannot lean on relentless, caustic critiques, even those addressing well-documented mischief in the religious and spiritual arenas; what matters is that the expression of one’s heart come to fruition in the most authentic way and find its rightful place in the world around us.”

Since his truck suffered a catastrophic seizure outside a temple in 1999, Michael has lived and worked in the high desert where he creates space for people from many different artistic and wisdom traditions to explore a contemporary, self-revealed path of awakening to explore new frontiers in their own spiritual and creative work.

For what it is worth, Michael is a graduate of Boston College and Duke University.

Embodying one’s innermost nature is the work of a lifetime.