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Backing into the Holy

An Unorthodox Solution to a World in Crisis

Born and raised on the outskirts of Boston, Michael’s childhood was marked by a deep affinity with Nature, an active interest in sports and an intensely private exploration of what it means be oneself – as demonstrated by his beloved grandparents through a fierce independence of thought and down-to-earth style.
dock_tinyEarly encounters with a sublime state beyond the thinking mind had no place in the rational worldview that dominates the western world, so Michael placed these discoveries in a secret interior chamber, hoping with all of his heart not to forget, even while taking part in the conventional rituals of schooling and work.
As Michael became an adult, a desperate urge to know the truth of his life launched him into graduate studies in public policy, followed by work on an international dialogue on peace and recovery in Central America, a long-shot presidential campaign and new programs to address changes to the earth’s climate.
One day in the guise of a beleaguered policy advisor in Washington, DC, Michael scanned a chaotic workplace for what needed attention next. The response had nothing to do with frequent, urgent requests from clients, nor a small group of consultants in his care, but a sense of neglect towards the core of his being.
As that simple truth sank in, a churning sensation took place in Michael’s belly center for two weeks until filing paperwork at the office, when the word greatness flashed like a visceral message from within, before disappearing without a trace, leaving an arm frozen in mid-air as he looked down in disbelief.
Despite a skeptical response from his mind, Michael felt that if such a potential did exist after so many years, then he should put it to the test by walking away from the consulting arena without a backup plan – a risk that he undertook twice before with mixed results and a mountain of educational debt to pay.