MIchael Regan | Outreach & Special Projects
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Outreach & Special Projects


As a consultant, Michael has collaborated with groups involved in individual and social transformation to tap into the wisdom the Heart and to unleash the potential of their creative work – through the contemplative and healing arts, philanthropy, business, activism, men’s/women’s work, and other arenas. Some programs are short-term in nature, while others are open-ended.


Sample projects include:

  • Worked with the founder of a groundbreaking fellowship program to build a shared vision and implement new initiatives to support community-based nonprofit leaders and social innovators in several major cities.
  • Helped the founder of an innovative nonprofit foundation to launch a new fund that educates children about cultural diversity and supports small-scale educational and empowerment projects around the world.
  • Worked with a network of practitioners and guides in the United States and Canada to explore how insights from an instinctual path of awakening might open up new horizons in our grasp of “non duality” and the embodiment of love.
  • Worked with the Board of a nonprofit foundation to re-vitalize their vision and develop a new strategic plan for providing support for people who live with HIV and AIDS.
  • Helped pioneers in the field of spiritual activism to navigate entrenched, divisive habits that often sabotage their vital work and to actualize new possibilities in their attempts to build a more inclusive, wisdom-oriented society.

Cost: TBD.

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