An Incubator for the Heart's Desire

And Its Unique, Creative Expression in the World 

3 Ways to get involved


The Sacred Dimensions of Leadership and Innovation

Over the years, Michael has worked with leaders and social innovators to bring forth new vision and potential in the areas of international development, grassroots philanthropy, climate change, community re-vitalization and the contemplative and healing arts, among others. Some programs are short-term in nature, while others are open-ended. Cost - TBD.


Gatherings - A Rich, Collaborative Art Form

 MIchael's gatherings were not designed as a teaching forum, but a rich, collaborative art form that is rooted in the vision of a primal, divine Self yet constantly invites us onto new creative and relational edges where the heart's desire is embodied in a unique, particular way - using silence, inquiry, dreamwork and gifts that participants bring. Cost: see Calendar for details.


Individual Consultations/Soul Work

Private sessions create space to explore the real depth and beauty and vision of the Heart. From this vantage point, we may investigate the dynamics of a life situation or a new spiritual or creative edge, or ask for a dream about the root of a dilemma and any adjustments in alignment that you need to make.  Cost: Individuals $180/hour; Business TBD. 

Frquently Asked Questions

Where does Michael's vision come from?


Michael's breakthrough into a state of divine absorption (aka samadhi) took place at an experimental leadership gathering while breathing into a sacred quality in the heart, so his vision came from that which moves the stars.  

What is Sacred Mingling?


In the original template, Michael remained immersed in a massive influx of love and contributed words when the moment was right - while participants drew on their own devotion to bring forth what was/is vital and new. 

What is the invitation or practice?


Participants are invited to drop out of the mind stream into a deep, reverential silence, breathe the sacredness of the heart into the group, and listen for one thing that they need to hear, not just for oneself but a world in crisis.

What are the impacts?


As we are drawn towards the Heart of creation, a reverential glow might appear in the atmosphere around the body, or a liquid kind of pleasure may begin drenching one's brain - but the impacts are unique to each of us..

What about miracles?


From the perspective of quantum science, what Western culture calls a miracle is just the natural impact of a high vibrational (or sacred) energy field on the world of form, including the mind or body of another human being.

Is this work religious?


Michael's use of the word God has nothing to do with religion; it refers to a sublime realm that he first encountered as a child and revealed itself later as an ancient force that gives birth to everything in creation, as one's  Self.

Why do you work with dreams?


In 1996, Michael's dream life exploded and revealed a benevolent force that was re-training his nerves to become more stable in a radical state of intimacy and love that remains when one's defenses are stripped away. 

What role does Nature play?


When the time came to work with people in a more intensive way, meditation centers did not feel like an authentic place for Micihael's work, so he drew on an affinity for Nature to experiment with a more active, collaborative format. 

How do you handle money?


Early on, Michael spoke to groups that used a  donation model until a sage in a dream said that charging money was not a problem as many insist, so he tends to the integrity of his own work and encourages others to do the same. 

Are the gatherings open to all?


In wilderness or elsewhere, the gatherings create an intimate group space for practitioners and guides who are drawn to the way of love, have a good sense of humor and collaborate well with friends or strangers alike.

What is the status of the new property?


Last year, a series of dreams prompted Michael to return to New Mexico to anchor his creative work in a physical property and although a number of interesting options emerged, the exploration has no conclusion yet. 

What will the next experiment look like?


This Incubator for the heart's desire will offer programs that combine pioneering leadership work with direct, mystical revelation, but the details will depend on those who show up, so please let us know if you are drawn to this Work.