An Incubator for the Heart's Desire

An Incubator for the Heart's Desire

An Incubator for the Heart's DesireAn Incubator for the Heart's DesireAn Incubator for the Heart's Desire

And Its Unique, Individual Expression in the World 

3 Ways to get involved


The Sacred Dimensions of Leadership and Innovation

Michael has worked with leaders, social innovators, activists, guides and other to explore new possibilities and what groups can do to bring a new world into being through the contemplative and healing arts, spiritual activism, community re-vitalization work, philanthropy, HIV/AIDS, climate change and international development, among other areas


Individual Consultations/Soul Work

Private sessions create space to explore an instinctual path of awakening that is rooted in the revelation of a luminous, divine Self. At times, we may explore the dynamics of a life/work situation, or we may ask for a dream to clarify the root of a dilemma or any shift in alignment with the whole. Cost: Individual $150-180/hour, sliding scale; Business: $250.


Gatherings - A Rich, Collaborative Art Form

 From the outset, MIchael's gatherings were designed as a rich, collaborative art form that invites us onto new spiritual and creative edges where the heart's desire is embodied in a unique, individual way - by combining silence, inquiry and dreamwork with gifts that participants bring such as painting, movement and writing. See Calendar for details.

Frquently Asked Questions

What do you call Michael's creative niche?


 Michael has no direct experience with the traditional teacher student model, so he works more as as a catalyst and guide who provokes conversation about the unfoldment of the soul - whether before an awakening or after

What is the awakening of the heart?


In 1996, Michael has a conversation with his heart that unleashed a revolutionary force that tore through his body and left a startling view of reality in which the heart is a gateway to the inside of everything that we see around us. 

How did his work develop?


Michael's interest in pioneering leadership work brought him to an experimental gathering where an exploration his creative niche drew him beyond the senses into a radiant, divine light as the origin of all creation.

What did this breakthrough look like?


Michael spoke a few words when the moment was right but was otherwise rendered mute while the leaders, artist, consultants, and guides from different traditions relied on their own devotion to tune into what is vital and new.

How did Michael start working in Nature?


Michael started out by holding small, informal talks around the country, but when the time came to work with people in a more intensive way, he was drawn to the canyons to experiment with a more active, collaborative format. 

Is there a core orientation or practice?


Participants are invited to drop out of the mind stream into a reverential silence,  breathe the sacred essence of the heart into the field and listen for one thing that they need to hear - for themselves or a world in crisis.

How does work with dreams fit in?


Early on, Michael started to work with dreams as a benevolent source of wisdom about entrenched habits of mind that secretly to govern how we live and inhibit deeper potentials and gifts that are waiting to be born. 

Are Michael's gatherings open to all?


In any setting, the gatherings are designed to create space for people from diverse backgrounds who are sincere about the way of love, have a good sense of humor and collaborate well with friends and strangers alike.

Is Michael's orientation religious?


Michael's work has nothing to do with religion per se, which tends to be more concerned with enforcing the rules of social morality than with invoking visionary contemplative states that radical mystics and sages speak about.

What about miracles?


From the perspective of quantum science, what our culture calls a miracle is just the invisible impact of a high vibrational or sacred energy field on the world of form, including the mind and heart of other human beings.

What is the status of the new property?


Last year, a series of dreams prompted Michael to return to New Mexico to purchase a property to build something from scratch that has not existed before, but we are still looking for the right place and aid that we need.

Does Michael work with outside groups?


Michael shares his vision as a speaker at select events and as a catalyst/advisor with inspired groups that are exploring whether new possibilities exist on the frontiers of their own work, so please contact us if he can be useful.