An Incubator for the Heart's Desire

And Its Unique, Creative Expression in the World 

3 Ways to get involved


Individual Consultations/Soul Work

Private consultations offer a lively, subversive space to explore the sacred depth and beauty of the Heart. At times, we investigate the dynamics of a life situation or a new spiritual/ creative edge, or we may ask for a dream about the root of a current dilemma and any adjustments that you may need to make. Cost: Individuals $180/hour; Business TBD. 


Gatherings - A Rich, Collaborative Art Form

From the outset, MIchael's gatherings were designed as a rich, collaborative art form in which he anchors the space in heart's essence while people from various traditions use their own devotion to bring forth what is vital and new - through silence, deep listening, direct, experiential inquiry, nature walks, dream work and the occasional variety night.  Cost: TBD.


Consulting/Special Projects

As a catalyst and guide, Michael has assisted many groups to articulate new vision and actualize their deeper potentials in the areas of international development, environmental policy, community leadership, the contemplative and healing arts and men's/women's work, among others. Some programs are short-term in nature, while others are open-ended. Cost - TBD.