MIchael Regan | Soulwork
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Michael’s work encourages us to explore what radical mystics call “G-d realization”, intimations of which began as a child and came to fruition through a desire to know and express the deepest potential of love – a bold, intimate adventure that takes artists, facilitators, spiritual guides, activists and other explorers into the most radical corners of the contemplative arena and new frontiers in their engagement with a rapidly changing world.


Private consultations offer a lively, unorthodox space to explore the heart’s desire and support its authentic expression in the world.

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These gatherings are designed as a rich, collaborative art form that is rooted in the startling revelation of a radical divine potential in the deepest part of the soul.

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As a consultant, Michael assists groups involved in inner and outer transformation to tap into the wisdom of the heart and to unleash the potential of their creative work.

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When we learn to listen well, all of existence is showing the Way.