An Incubator for the Heart's Desire

And Its Unique, Creative Expression in the World 

The Work: 3 Ways to get involved


Way of the Heart Gatherings

From the outset, these gatherings were designed as a rich, collaborative art form in which Michael anchors the space in revelation of a divine Self while he participants share their own devotion and bring forth what is vital and new - through reverential silence, deep listening, sensual,  experiential inquiry and the tending of dreams. Check the calendar for details.


Private Consultations

Private consultations offer a rich, divergent space to explore the heart’s desire and its unique, creative expression in the world. At times, we investigate the dynamics of a life situation or a new creative edge; in others, we may ask for a dream about any adjustments that we need to make. Individuals $180/hour, Business TBD.


Consulting/Special Projects

As a catalyst/consultant, Michael has worked with a wide range of groups to help articulate their vision and to actualize their deeper potential – through public policy,  philanthropy, activism, the contemplative and healing arts,  men’s/women’s work and other arenas. Some programs are short-term in nature, while others are open-ended. Cost - TBD.